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Cam Lock Fasteners | Cam locks

Cam Lock Fasteners

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Cam lock fasteners are pieces of hardware that are included in almost all furniture purchased today.  The fasteners are used in many ways such as:

  • To lock a screw into a corner of a piece of furniture.
  • To make a section stronger when it will be holding something else.
  • To make a section stronger to hold drawers.

As one can see, the entire purpose for cam lock fasteners is to marry them with screws and use a screwdriver to turn the cams so that they are tightened against the screws, making the entire area very strong.

furniture cam lock fasteners

Cam lock fasteners can look very different from product to product and in each company. Most fasteners are inserted into the pre drilled holes that come in your furniture pieces when you purchase that furniture item. These cams can also come already inserted by the manufacturer so that each individual does not have to worry about where and how to place them once they get the box home. There are so many pieces of hardware that comes with any ready to assemble furniture piece that it can be very confusing, especially to those homeowners who have little experience in assembly.

Understand how it works

It is important to understand how the cam lock fasteners work, and many times if an individual goes online, he or she can see videos showing how these little beauties really work. This very important, because if your furniture pieces did not come with the cam lock fasteners already in place, you need to know exactly how to insert them into the holes provided. Once you insert the cam lock fasteners into the hole, many times they are nearly impossible to get it out if there is a problem.

Once you have the cam lock fasteners in place, it is important to maintain a firm grip on both pieces of furniture that you are joining together. Many times, it is very helpful to have another person on hand to assist you with holding one side while you hold the other. After the sides are matched up and you are ready, a screwdriver is used to turn the cam so that it is tightened around the screws.

cam lock fasteners panel

Many cam lock fasteners are made with a cut out area that will allow the head of each screw to come into contact with, holding to top of the screw head. When the cam is turned to be locked into place, that opening turns and secures the head of the screw.

Of course, those who are making their own furniture can purchase these cams at a local hardware store. This is also important for those who have received a furniture delivery and notice a missing cam, or there is damage to a cam and it needs to be replaced. These cams are not usually expensive, at all. They can come in pewter or nickel finish, bronze, gold or a darker color to match with darker woods.

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